Friday, August 10, 2007

Bass player: Teresa Ann Weldon

Teresa Ann Weldon is a bass player sometimes known as "Bitchinmona." On her yahoo website, she includes pictures of herself playing bass -- fronting one of her bands -- on Halloween, 2003. The photo on the right is from that set.

Check out her myspace page for more recent photos.

Teresa Ann describes herself on her livejournal bio:
I'm a musician--I play bass and sing in my band, themiddlefork. I'm an artist (computer graphics, paint). I'm a writer (when the notion hits me). Oh, and I make one fine-ass chick.
On themiddlefork site, she wrote:
"My main goal in any artistic endeavor (say that 3 times fast!) is disturbing humor. I want to make someone laugh and shiver at the same time."
That's the spirit of The Cover Gurlz!

Here's another photo of this multi-talented beauty:

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