Wednesday, October 24, 2018


I've found a lovely potential guitarist for the Cover Gurlz.

Nic Bedo plays in a band called Ruckzuck, with various videos available on youtube. Nic is the blonde on the left:

Nic also also has an Instagram -- and identfies as a "Psychedelic crossdresser."

Glam shot:

Monday, October 22, 2018

Đỗ Phú Quí

The fall season of "Your Face Sounds Familiar" has not been the best around the world. I think the top performers have appeared on Gương Mặt Thân Quen, which is the Vietnamese edition of the show. The season started earlier in the year and extended into fall.

Here's Đỗ Phú Quí singing in English as Lady Gaga:

Here's a sexy performance as Camilla Cabello:

That's some kind of singing duel, but the first performer was a GG.

And here's the singer as Chi Pu:

And as Thu Minh:

There are more if you go looking, including one as Cher, but I think these are the best.