Friday, August 17, 2007

Singer: Bassem Feghali

Bassem Feghali may be the best female impersonator in the world, but few Americans probably know it because this drag personality performs primarily in the Middle East and mimics beautiful female singers from that region -- including Nancy Ajram and Haifa Wehbe.

Bassem's singing and dancing talent is obvious (just check out the large number of entertaining youtube videos), and the verbal comedic aspects of his act are also said to be first-rate.

Take note: Bassem has imitated Madonna and Shakira and recently made a DVD in Hollywood, so he may be appearing soon on a television near you.

Bassem has a worldwide fan base, but "avoids interviews...he prefers that his talent and performances leave their effects in people's hearts, not what he says about his career."

The singer's website declares that Bassem "is a protector of originality, glamour and comedy...DIVAS are back...everything is possible."

That's the spirit of The Cover Gurlz!

Here's another photo:

Friday, August 10, 2007

Bass player: Teresa Ann Weldon

Teresa Ann Weldon is a bass player sometimes known as "Bitchinmona." On her yahoo website, she includes pictures of herself playing bass -- fronting one of her bands -- on Halloween, 2003. The photo on the right is from that set.

Check out her myspace page for more recent photos.

Teresa Ann describes herself on her livejournal bio:
I'm a musician--I play bass and sing in my band, themiddlefork. I'm an artist (computer graphics, paint). I'm a writer (when the notion hits me). Oh, and I make one fine-ass chick.
On themiddlefork site, she wrote:
"My main goal in any artistic endeavor (say that 3 times fast!) is disturbing humor. I want to make someone laugh and shiver at the same time."
That's the spirit of The Cover Gurlz!

Here's another photo of this multi-talented beauty: