Friday, May 9, 2008

Singer: Amber Taylor

Amber Taylor is the lead singer for an Atlanta-based band called the Sexual Side Effects.

One of the band's songs is called "I’m In Love With A Girl (But She Used To Be A Man)." As she sings, "somewhere in between she had a change of plans."

Amber calls herself a "transgenderbender," and the photos certainly reflect her feminine mystique. The band's myspace page reveals that "her dad was King of Texas, and her mom was David Bowie."

This is an excerpt from a recent review of a Sexual Side Effects stage show:
Amber, in her element, embraced her audience and rose far beyond the expectation. The new tracks were sultry and seductive, the band tight as a baby's butt. The fans loved it, we loved it and we cannot wait to see the Sexual Side Effects Again. Bravo.
Sounds like a beautiful potential member of The Cover Gurlz!