Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Supreme Fabulettes

[October 2018 update: Most of the original links in this post now fail to work. I reposted some videos and changed the bio links. The videos are not the originals.]

The Supreme Fabulettes are a new supergroup from the UK. They have their own webpage (of course) and YouTube channel.

Basically, the group is almost everything I would want the Cover Gurlz to be:
The Supreme Fabulettes - Miss Vicki Vivacious, Miss Maddison Lee and Miss Vanilla Lush - have been acclaimed for combining slick choreography, amazing vocal harmonies, stunning couture outfits and signature Glee-style song mash-ups of classic 1960s hits and contemporary songs by likes of The Supremes, The Andrews Sisters, Adele, Alison Moyet and Beyonce among many others.
I hope you like this video  (or this one):

Here they are performing live on stage:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Keyboardist: Emsy Chan

A few days ago, over at Gossip Gurl, I posted a picture of the lovely Emsy Chan dressed in a Star Trek uniform. Today, I'm going to focus on Emsy's musical talents.

Emsy plays keyboards! Check out this video, which includes Emsy crossplaying a character (Nami) who is not familiar to me:

In another great video, Emsy plays the Star Trek opening theme. Here are two addition pics so you can get an idea of how she might fit into the Cover Gurlz.

Black Dress with Corset and Heels Maroon Tightfitting Dress