Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Introductory post

This blog is about a band called The Cover Gurlz.

Never heard of them?

Well, that's probably because they do not exist -- at least not yet.

This space will propose the creation of a band called The Cover Gurlz. In all probability, the musicians under consideration will never have met, and may not even have heard of one other. Who knows, it may only exist in cyberspace.

Web surfers can think of this blog as on-line version of one of these television shows that create a new band. The blog will be considering various singers, guitar players, drummers, and so on.

Admittedly, this blog is as much a marketing plan as anything else.

Just like those TV programs.

So, what is the marketing gimmick?

Well, every musician in this band will look like a cover girl -- an attractive model who helps "sell" the idea of the band.

Also, this band will play songs previously made famous by female artists and groups. They'll play "covers."

And finally, the gurlz in the band will themselves be under-cover.

Not just under the cover of makeup or costumes. All the musicians will actually be boys, undercover as gurlz.

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